How should I provide artwork?

We can accept artwork in a majority of formats including EPS, PDF, Coral, Quark and Illustrator, however, if you do not have artwork we have a team of experienced graphic artists that will be able to advise and produce print ready artwork to your requirements.

What if I need my goods in a hurry?

We understand that from time to time orders are needed in a hurry. To help we have a selection of products that are available in 2-5 days.

What types of branding are available?

Screen printing : Used on pens, flat plastic items and PU, as well as clothing, particularly T-shirts. Ink is applied to the product by pushing it through a stencil (screen) containing your design.

Tampo (or Pad) Printing : An ink applying method, but used to especially good effect on odd or curved shapes. An increasing popular method due to the flexibility and number of products it can mark. Ink is transferred onto product by way of a rubber pad.

Engraving : Used most commonly on crystal, glass and metal products to achieve a quality, lasting finish. Laser engraving is now widely regarded as the most accurate and economical way of reproducing fine design work, although machine engraving may still be used to excellent effect.

Blocking : Used to brand leather goods in particular. A metal block (die) is pressure stamped onto the product, usually with a gold or silver foil, to leave a lasting impression of your design. Alternatively, the process can be performed without foil, just leaving your design in plain relief. This is known as Blind Embossing.

Embroidery : This is a great way to achieve quality personalisation on most clothing and headwear. The modern machinery offering speed and multiple colour possibilities, more customers are selecting this method of personalisation to great effect. A typical design is based on a stitch count of around 5 to 10,000 stitches.

Die Stamping : Usually used on metal products like stainless steel or similar products. Like blocking, metal die is pressure stamped onto your product leaving an impression of your design. It can be left plain or filled with colour.

What is origination?

Origination is the set up of the equipment for the job; to produce the screen in the screen printing process or to produce the disk for embroidery, it is an industry standard charge.

How accurately will my colours be reproduced?

We will endeavour to match the colours as accurately as possible, however, please note print colours and shades will vary depending on the material, surface and texture.

Personalisation and Branding

All products include a one colour print unless otherwise stated. For additional print requirements please enquire.


All deliveries are subject to a 5% variance from specified amount (under or over). Exact quantities may be available for an additional charge.


The prices shown are exclusive of VAT, origination, carriage and artwork. If your requirements differ from those illustrated please enquire.

Logos and branding

All products displaying names or trademarks within the catalogue are not necessarily indicative of supply or endorsement by the owner of the trademark. They are merely representatives of what can be achieved with branded promotional merchandise.

Product description

All items featured within this website are correct at time of publication. We cannot accept responsibility for any product, which may be withdrawn or altered by the manufacturer.

If you have any further questions or comments contact our customer service department on 0800 65 222 38

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How should I provide artwork?

We can accept artwork in a majority of formats including EPS, PDF and Illustrator, however, if you do not have artwork we have a team of experienced graphic artists that will be able to advise and produce print ready artwork to your requirements.

What if I need my goods in a hurry?

We understand that from time to time orders are needed in a hurry. To help we have a selection of products that are available in 10-15 days.

What types of branding are available?

Screen printing : Used on pens, flat plastic items and PU, as well as clothing, particularly T-shirts. Ink is applied to the product by pushing it through a stencil (screen) containing your design.

Tampo (or Pad) Printing : An ink applying method, but used to especially good effect on odd or curved shapes. An increasing popular method due to the flexibility and number of products it can mark. Ink is transferred onto product by way of a rubber pad.

Engraving : Used most commonly on crystal, glass and metal products to achieve a quality, lasting finish. Laser engraving is now widely regarded as the most accurate and economical way of reproducing fine design work, although machine engraving may still be used to excellent effect.

Blocking : Used to brand leather goods in particular. A metal block (die) is pressure stamped onto the product, usually with a gold or silver foil, to leave a lasting impression of your design. Alternatively, the process can be performed without foil, just leaving your design in plain relief. This is known as Blind Embossing.

Embroidery : This is a great way to achieve quality personalisation on most clothing and headwear. The modern machinery offering speed and multiple colour possibilities, more customers are selecting this method of personalisation to great effect. A typical design is based on a stitch count of around 5 to 10,000 stitches.

Die Stamping : Usually used on metal products like stainless steel or similar products. Like blocking, metal die is pressure stamped onto your product leaving an impression of your design. It can be left plain or filled with colour.

What is origination?

Origination is the set up of the equipment for the job; to produce the screen in the screen printing process or to produce the disk for embroidery, it is an industry standard charge.

How accurately will my colours be reproduced?

We will endeavour to match the colours as accurately as possible, however, please note print colours and shades will vary depending on the material, surface and texture.

Personalisation and Branding

All products include a one colour print unless otherwise stated. For additional print requirements please enquire.


All deliveries are subject to a 5% variance from specified amount (under or over). Exact quantities may be available for an additional charge.


The prices shown are exclusive of VAT, origination, carriage and artwork. If your requirements differ from those illustrated please enquire.

Logos and branding

All products displaying names or trademarks within the catalogue are not necessarily indicative of supply or endorsement by the owner of the trademark. They are merely representatives of what can be achieved with branded promotional merchandise.

Product description

All items featured within this website are correct at time of publication. We cannot accept responsibility for any product, which may be withdrawn or altered by the manufacturer.

If you have any further questions,pls email us: Jessicaltd@gmail.com